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I’m a sucker for long takes and, even after hearing a lot of hype about it, The Bear’s 17-minutes crescendo didn’t disappoint.

Wordle Salad: make a grammatically correct sentence using your day’s guesses

(may be semantically incorrect, optionally exclude the day’s solution depending on spoiler context)

All metal version of the Buterin-Wu Upper Room UVGI Fixture. This is an air sanitizing device designed for local manufacturing in any country. It can be made in most sheet metal shops equipped with laser or waterjet cutters for a fraction of the cost of current UR-UVGI products.

crypt: a chamber (such as a vault) wholly or partly underground

currency: something (such as coins, treasury notes, and banknotes) that is in circulation as a medium of exchange


Pittsburgh needs more shade trees and more frequent bus service.

Why are the options: 2 hour flight; 6 hour drive; or 9 hour bus/train. And why is the flight the cheapest, most convenient.

Totally love it when a design idea works out. Case in point, a bunting mount for the bike trailer (Burley Flatbed). Got the idea, whipped it up in #FreeCAD Linkstage, printed, fitted, works. And the tube for the bunting rod makes a very satisfying plop when the rod is removed.

OH: “Companies are built on minutiae.”

A pile of unclaimed Patagonia fleece vests has strong “fintech layoff” vibes

TIL Seven Nation Army started as a potential James Bond song

This kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism is illegal to build in most American cities.

Got a simple home automation that’s been dutifully working for a few years. I want to tweak it slightly…but I can’t find it. The rule is just missing. It still runs, yet it’s not defined anywhere.

This race better happen because I just planned out the next ten months to build back up to it.

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It’s not particularly novel but the Stranger Things scene of Max running to escape Vecna is a impressively compelling sequence. Every aspect of it is perfectly executed.

Toronto streetcars: every 3–5 minutes, 10 when there was a replacement bus

NJ Transit light rail: lol don’t ask

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