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We teamed up with delivery workers & platforms, transit advocates, freight operators & micromobility companies to reimagine NYCโ€™s curbspace.

With the Mayorโ€™s help, these 5 categories of bold solutions can make curbs work better - for businesses, people, & the environment.

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jfc this guy. masks are how we AVOID shutdowns

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Mayor Eric Adams resists mask mandates as N.Y.C. enters a high alert level for the virus. โ€œIf every variant that comes, we move into shutdown thoughts, we move into panicking, weโ€™re not going to function as a city." nyti.ms/38CBwKD

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JOB ALERT! โšก๏ธ

Come make impactful visual journalism with me at @ProPublica@twitter.com!

The job is:
part design/layout/typography/ux
part html/css/js
part imagination/experimentation


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Calm technology. We need technological help to grow tempeh in places where the climate is not suitable for its growth. The idea of our fermenter is to mimic the Indonesian climate to produce plant-based protein food using local beans, to cooperate with nature and help it to help us. But the technology for our device doesn't need to be intrusive, connected to the internet, track our habits or consume more energy than it actually needs. It just needs to produce heat according to what the growth of the mycelium requires. Only a few components are needed. A few components that we can understand, repair and improve if necessary. A few components that reconcile open-source technology with citizens and our food production. We like to call it calm technology.

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Ending this thread by saying: this was not a "tech failure". The tech worked as intended. People were able to place their orders with a tech company's discount that boosted their profits. The tech worked exactly as it needed to. And we should speak about it as such.

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crummy.com/2004/05/20/1 in a few days it'll be the 18th anniversary of @leonardr releasing the Python screen-scraping library Beautiful Soup.

[The next day: "Beautiful Soup's reception greatly exceeded expectations (I think I tapped a real market need here)"]

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I'm receiving word you can order free covid tests from the USPS again โ€” and this time you get eight.

This is worth doing if not just to experience the fastest, cleanest web form in the history of governmental internet. special.usps.com/testkits

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Today @NYCHealthCommr@twitter.com issued an advisory as the City approaches the high Alert Level. All New Yorkers should wear masks in all indoor public settings. Those at high risk of severe illness should avoid crowded settings and limit get-togethers: on.nyc.gov/3t0CR55

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NEW: NYC strongly recommending everyone wears masks indoors as the city approaches the CDC high alert level, triggered by rising hospitalizations. Alert later today will urge high-quality masks โ€” such as KN95 and KF94 masks and N95 respirators โ€” when indoors in public.

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A shame that Mayor Fulop is not serious about climate change. jcitytimes.com/mayor-forecasts

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Thank you for the endorsement/support. We have worked hard to move Jersey City forward and keep our city as a leader in sustainable pro growth policies that constantly consider the realities of climate change. twitter.com/NJLCV/status/14378

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Why is it always cloudy when there is an astronomical event.

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Ambitious plan from Team Biden on housing out this morning!

Their hope is that these reforms will lead to the construction of 1.5 million homes over the next 5 years. Still digging into the details but a few things I want to draw out:


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A partially eclipsed Super Flower Moon rises behind One World Trade Center in New York City, Sunday evening.

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MLK III writes a banger op-ed:

"The less housing stock we have, the more expensive it is. So if we want a radically fairer housing market, we have to literally build it."


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We couldโ€™ve mass distributed tests for free, eliminating the value of counterfeit tests.

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The FDA is advising consumers to look out for counterfeit at-home coronavirus tests with "Flowflex" and "iHealth" branding. Here are some common signs of fake tests to watch out for, according to @wirecutter@twitter.com. nyti.ms/3wq0u7U

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@meow seriously. I also started getting duplicates and even triplicates of some after using different emails per candidate. It did help me catch one council member in a lie though.

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