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Today @NYCHealthCommr@twitter.com issued an advisory as the City approaches the high Alert Level. All New Yorkers should wear masks in all indoor public settings. Those at high risk of severe illness should avoid crowded settings and limit get-togethers: on.nyc.gov/3t0CR55

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A shame that Mayor Fulop is not serious about climate change. jcitytimes.com/mayor-forecasts

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Thank you for the endorsement/support. We have worked hard to move Jersey City forward and keep our city as a leader in sustainable pro growth policies that constantly consider the realities of climate change. twitter.com/NJLCV/status/14378

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A partially eclipsed Super Flower Moon rises behind One World Trade Center in New York City, Sunday evening.

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Unbelievable pictures of Israeli forces attacking mourners carrying the coffin of Shireen Abu Akleh to church for her funeral in Occupied East Jerusalem.

Absolutely heart stopping moment when it looks like casket may fall.
Live coverage on @AJEnglish@twitter.com

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For the first time ever, scientists have grown plants in lunar soil.

This @UF@twitter.com and @NASASpaceSci@twitter.com experiment using Apollo Moon samples could shape the future of sustainable astronaut missions to deep space. Dig into the story: go.nasa.gov/38oVJU6

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First direct image of the Sagittarius A* black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, from the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration.

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2/ These supports are based on the paper by T.Tricard, F. Claux, S. Lefebvre "Ribbed support vaults for 3D printing of hollowed objects"

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It was helpful to talk with @pareene@twitter.com about the experience of turning away from one of the most comfortable default beliefs our society runs on indignity.substack.com/p/indig

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Yesterday I took down my posts about how @TSA@twitter.com treated me at @flyLAXairport@twitter.com. I was embarrassed at how emotional I was. I was anxious about the confrontation. So I deleted it.

But they make too many mothers feel this way, so I’m going to talk about it bc this needs to stop 🧡

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The complete unit: a badge holder with Air Tag, Yubikey, and credit card compartments. I broke my work badge holder the other day and decided to upgrade to something that could hide away the dangly bits. It’s a little bit chunky but it checks all the functional boxes.

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Happy ! ❀️

Support us as we continue to who are being held in cages because they can’t afford bail.


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Next Jersey City Light-Up Ride is a week from tonight, Friday, May 13! Meeting at 7:30 pm, rolling 8:00. All other details TBA shortly. Maybe 17–18 miles this time. Free, all welcome. Light β€˜em up!!

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My takeaway is that, on average, programmers’ models of reality are 70% accurate.

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There is no statistically significant correlation between programming language and defect injection rate.

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β€œSurprise camping” is such a good way to describe the folly of prepper culture.

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I will forever be in awe of the brilliance of the entire prepper industry that has successfully made disaster prep appealing to consumers by marketing it as "surprise camping" not "sudden homelessness".
80% of the US population is urban.

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🚨🚨🚨Happening Right Now in Foley Square, Manhattan NY

thousands of people gathered. literal thousands.

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Well, they already did literally this two months ago and it didn't work because exactly one of the Democrats isn't on board and they don't have any way to get him on board twitter.com/AriDrennen/status/

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