First time riding a next gen CitiBike. They are really something!

Never before has a program satisfied my expectations so perfectly

Good segment about Hoboken’s vision zero success on All Things Considered today, featuring Ryan Sharp. I’m glad it’s getting national attention!

Camera bike falling over really emphasizes just how steep that finish is. 24%!

Whenever I change a bike tube I think about the guy who told me, sincerely, that Presta valves are a conspiracy by Big Bike to make us repeatedly buy small, easy to break parts.

It turns out that a bike from the dump is kind of dumpy. Who knew.

I am tickled that the phrase “that was a terrible tweet” is now part of the Congressional record.

Late to the party but I finally finished N K Jemisin’s “The Broken Earth” trilogy, and it more than deserves all the awards and hype bestowed upon it. Easily one of my favorite reads the last few years.


After all the other releases I'll come back and talk about this and answer your questions!

#Astronomy #Astrophysics #Science #Exoplanets

“It's so much energy that I have to use just to exist in a room with you, because I don't trust you. That, I feel, is a very good metaphor about how computationally blockchain works, and what is the underlying philosophical idea behind it, which is, 'We want a world without any sort of centralized authority because we cannot trust any of them ever.' And that is the opposite of what we want as a society, in my opinion.”


Also, a much needed reminder this week as you see NASA go way too hard with the "Webb" branding: James Webb enforced homophobic polices during his tenure as under secretary of state and NASA administrator and we should not be celebrating him by naming a telescope after him. I will only use the acronym JWST until the telescope is renamed.

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