That. was. AWESOME!!

Here's a gif I created of the final few minutes to impact 🪨

What an incredible thing to have witnessed together in real time! Congrats @NASA @JHUAPL @ASI_spazio @LICIACube

#DART #DARTMission @AsteroidDay #planetarydefense

Jupiter is at its closest tonight. I tried some smartphone photos through binoculars. No details but could easily spot four moons. Got to share the experience with some passersby who could barely believe they were looking at the planet

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Get boosted if you can. Wear masks. Call for better ventilation. Rinse, repeat.

Normalize wearing a mask when afflicted by any contagious disease, not just covid.

One of the more fantastical aspects of the Star Trek holodeck to me was the computer’s ability to translate verbal instructions into the desired images or narratives. But DALL-E and Stable Diffusion feel like they have unlocked that tech tree path.

Today has been seven connections across four services, and I haven’t had to wait more than ten minutes for any of them. It’s a weekend transit miracle.

The course is not exactly two laps, it goes mostly in reverse for the second lap to keep it interesting. Looking forward to it!

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It’s a testament to the Great British Bake Off that they can drop kids into basically the same format for the Junior Bake Off and it’s just as delightful and fun.

I'm still fucked up from learning the other day that sharks are older than Saturn's rings

tfw you coming up for air after a couple hours of reading wikipedia articles about trains

Jupiter is so bright I can see it from this couch 😮

Now that’s the kind of truck that belongs in the city.

Since Gov Murphy approves of the turnpike widening, it should be named the Governor Philip D Murphy Turnpike Extension so he can really own the pollution and congestion.

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